miércoles, 3 de diciembre de 2014

El mejor corto de ciencia ficción que he visto en años: Wanderers

Visto en Sploid, me ha parecido uno de los mejores cortos de ciencia ficción de los últimos tiempos. Simplemente es una espectacular, hermosa e inspiradora oda a lo mejor del ser humano, su capacidad para buscar respuestas, explorar, para sentir curiosidad, al deseo de crecer y mejorar. Un film de Erik Wernquist, que pone la piel de gallina.

No lo desperdicies. Apaga la luz, activa el HD, pantalla completa, cascos... y disfruta.

El texto y voz de la narración es de Carl Sagan. Y como todo lo que este hombre hacía era una mezcla de ciencia y poesía, todo en uno:

For all its material advantages, the sedentary life has left us edgy, unfulfilled. Even after 400 generations in villages and cities, we haven't forgotten. The open road still softly calls, like a nearly forgotten song of childhood. We invest far-off places with a certain romance. This appeal, I suspect, has been meticulously crafted by natural selection as an essential element in our survival. Long summers, mild winters, rich harvests, plentiful game—none of them lasts forever. It is beyond our powers to predict the future. Catastrophic events have a way of sneaking up on us, of catching us unaware. Your own life, or your band's, or even your species' might be owed to a restless few—drawn, by a craving they can hardly articulate or understand, to undiscovered lands and new worlds.

Herman Melville, in Moby Dick, spoke for wanderers in all epochs and meridians: "I am tormented with an everlasting itch for things remote. I love to sail forbidden seas..."

Maybe it's a little early. Maybe the time is not quite yet. But those other worlds— promising untold opportunities—beckon. 
Silently, they orbit the Sun, waiting.

Sin duda, nos esperan.

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